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Neil Hamburger To Perform At Former U.S. Mint

Neil Hamburger has tried to earn Money his whole career with limited success. Perhaps August's show in San Franciso is his best hope yet. 

Neil will be performing at the Historic U.S. Mint in San Francisco, where billions of dollars worth of Money was made before they shut it down. Was any of it left on the floor? If so, you can bet Neil will find it. 

This show marks Neil's return to the stage after many, many months spent seething over his dwindling finances, due to a Worldwide pandemic in which a truly Bad virus ruined everyone's life, before several companies figured out how to kill it, with vaccines, which has now opened up the possiblity of this Show. 

If you love money and hate death, you will want to attend! August 7 at the U.S. Mint, 5th and Mission Streets, in San Francisco, a town where Neil recorded many of his earliest records. To make the show more worth while for every one, top Comedy and Music acts like J.P. Incorporated and Major Entertainer, have been added to the bill as well. 







BIG STORY: Neil Hamburger is the Star of several new Music videos currently airing on T.V. 

These videos were made by some of the film makers world wide. They are for a few (but not all) of the songs you hear on Neil's new album STILL DWELLING which you can buy by click on the link. It is available on L.P. Album, Cassette Tape, Compact Disc C.D, or digital Computer files. 


A Note From the WEB MASTER

Neil Hamburger's Manager has not replied to any of my e-mails in 2013 or 2014. CryCryCry

Neil has not said to me "Thanks for all the Hard work of keeping this Web site going, and raising two Dogs at the same time."

Neil is so busy with sold out shows around the World  but   too busy to answer my Phone calls I guess. Too bad because I have worked so Hard to make this site win Awards, which it has won 4 Awards now, with more to come! Bananas had gotten Sick in 2012 and is STILL SICK, also we (Bananas, Marlon, and Boni) moved to another apart ment in Mesa, I am tired of Land lords who Hate Dogs, but we have had a few of those this Year, and had to move. It's too bad be cause the last place was convenint to the Laundro Mat I have been working in for 10 years, and also with in walking distance of the Dominos pizza where we would some times find old Cheese in the trash to feed the Dogs, and 99 Cents Only is near by too which is a good place to find Eggs , Canned foods, and clothe , pet toys, all very cheap. 

Here's hoping Neil has a Great Carere, He has Earned it. I have also Earned some thing better, in life. 


Money, or Dog food, these two Dogs (Bananas and Marlon) expecialy like SWANSON CHICKEN POT PIES, or T.V Dinners, or old Tacos, Waffles, they like Italian food, bread sticks, Ice cream, spageti with tomatoes sauce, any thing would Do, if you Work in a resaurant, PLEASE Save any throw-away or Spoiled, ruined Food, for my Dogs. Thank You!!!  Also if you work for U.P.S. or Fedaral Express, we need a Way to ship all this Food from the Resaurants, to my Dogs, if you can give us a Code Number for free shipping.  



I don't know Why you would prefer the Official Neil Hamburger Twitter to this Un Official Site (Made with Love), but if you did, for some reason, here is Neil on Twitter, where he Talks , directly , to the Fans: NEIL HAMBURGER ON TWITTER 


Above: Bananas is a Happy Dog who lives with Webmaster Boni Jergen, Who Runs This Award-Winning Web Site

The U.S. (United States) Mint in San Francisco immediately after the 1906 Earth quake. 

"I *LOVE* MY DOGS" - Boni Jergen, Web Master of this Site


WANTED: I need a Law student, or out-of-work ATTORNY that could work for FREE or for Trade (I have over 30 V.H.S. tapes of Neil Hamburger shows from 2000-2006 I could trade you), to Help SUE (LAW SUIT) my Land Lord that had turned my Dogs into the Arizona Animal welfare agency for Abuse, ILLEGALLY because these Dogs are NOT ABUSED, I'm sorry but these Dogs are LOVED more than any Dog you would ever meet, it is NOT a crime for a Dog to chew a door knob, that is how they keep the Teeth healthy, and the Door hinge came off any way, these are  Happy Dogs. Sorry Mr. Gipito, you are going to lose every thing you ever had, when I am finished, suing you for Defamition of Character and harrassment. 

Please Contact Boni Jergen c/o This Website if you can Help. I am also Looking for Old Uneaten Food for these Dogs, not Canned Dog food which is poision, but Good-quality restaurant Food that would get thrown away, they love Olive Garden the best, the manager at the Mesa Olive Garden told me not to return and put a Pad-Lock on their Dumpster, now I will try Scotsdale or Chandler , but my Car is not running, I need a Closer supply of this Type of food, if you are in the Mesa Arizona Area please get in touch, the Dogs also like Taco's, and Waffle House food (Omeletts, Pankake, Waffles, Fried egg.).